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Via Inmarsat

Whenever I am in a remote location with no people around or no land or cellular communications available, I send a message via my Inmarsat satellite phone to this blog showing the latitude and longitude coordinates, the date and time, and other information.  An example is shown below.  To find where that is, just copy and paste the Lat & Long coordinates into Google Earth or Map. (See below about how to translate the coordinates so Google Maps can read it.) As soon as I return to cellular communications range, I update my blog with another posting immediately.  Of course, if no other postings follow after the one with the coordinates in it, I am probably still stuck in that location.  In that case, it would be appreciated if someone would notify the nearby authorities.

Via Inmarsat:
GPS fix
Lat: N 48 35' 25''
Long: W 86 17' 38''
Time: 14:51:06 UTC
Date: 07-10-2012
Altitude: 209 m
Velocity: 0 km/h
Horiz: +/- 24 m
Vert: +/- 80 m

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Sent via Inmarsat. The mobile satellite company

To translate the above Lat and Long coordinates so Google Maps or Earth can read it, delete the Lat: and Long:, and move the N and W behind the numbers and separate the two by a comma. Here's how the above coordinates should look.

48 35' 25'' N, 86 17' 38'' W

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Pretty soon we'll have to call it the 'De-fender'!