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To Take 2013

Washington, D.C., July 4th, 2013.  In a few days, my home will start to  be populated with about 14 different  stations, each one to contain the contents  of one of the 14 or so containers, boxes, storage units, etc. that will accompany us on our trip.  Here is our to-take list for this year, which is simply last year's minus the items from last year,   plus the new items for this year, of which there are few.  The most difficult thing about packing for a trip like this is deciding which heavy-duty winter clothes to take when the temperature outside is 95 degrees.  My guess is that 98% of the items on this list will eventually go with us, as I gladly toss things aside when I am in the process of packing.  The factors I use to determine whether I  toss something aside are the probability of needing it; whether it would be needed  for an emergecny and whether I will be able to buy it somewhere en route.  If the answers are "Low, No, Yes", the item usually gets tossed .

COMMUNICATIONS  BOX (+ Instructions)
iPad , keyboard; mike, etc;  
Cell phone etc.; Satellite phone etc.;
Multi-Charger in Defender;
Cameras; charger; etc; memory chips and battery
Beet headphones, other headphones

Green Bag:
T shirts (7); shorts (7); socks (; bandanas (7),

Blue Bag
Polo shirts (1); T-neck long sleeve shirts (1);
brown and gray hooded sweat shirts
black & green  LS shirts
jogging suit; (maybe)
LS shirts (2) (black; officer);
Blue Bag purple tape
suspenders, Jeans; 511 pants/shorts; hiking pants; black jogging pants;  Blackhawk belt; shorts; swim trunks
Camouflage bag:
Boots; Merritt’s; sneakers;
Blue bag:
North face shell; black rain pants; rain hat; rubbers
Maroon Bag:
Black Patagonia coat; red wind breaker
Large Purple bag  purple tape
 Green REI winter jacket with liner, pants; wool hat; heavy gloves
Small Purple bag
(2 watch caps;  rain gloves; hats (2);
Thermal underwear  wear: tops (2); bottoms (2);
(blue TENT bag:
thermal blue and black top and bottom; socks; watch hat; wool socks)

foot powder; Towel; toilet kit; laundry bag, blue tent bag
Pill box; scissors; shave cream; razor; blades; skeptic stick; lip salve; deodorants; after shave; lotion; toot brush; paste; floss; rubber tip; night guard; cleanser; nail clippers and brush; soap; wash cloth; brush; comb; VJX kit; OFF + Cortisone, tweezers, handy-wipes, TP

MEDICINE CHEST (weekly pills in pill boxes)
 My: Prav; Hydro; Aleve; D13; Multi; CoQ10; Aspirin;  SS; Ambien, Derm med; cold pills; V

Dogs: Dasuquin; Previcox; Gab; Trem; L’s antibiotic Ear drops; 2 topical antibios; Erde’s Ointment; Enzymes
Ear Cleaner + gauze pads; syringe for HPO, Frontline, Heartworm
FIRST AID KIT: Usual stuff: band aids; etc.,
Burn items; cal lotion; Neosporin; fleet, cortisone, HPO,
First aid books

DOGS’ stuff loose
Elizabethan collar
3 Bowls (2 LARGE , ONE SMALL)
red beds in D
step stool on rear platform step;
Wheelchair plus kit
canine coach + repair kit
Daily food box: Dry food; spoon; Viokase; pill box
Portable shower (Kahuna) with shampoo, Zymox, mousse

DOG FOOD BOX: 42 pounds + 4 boxed treats

Leben’s coat
Leashes: 1 long; 2 regular; 2 metal; short leashes;
collars; Chain Collars;  tags
Blue dog; blue harness; sling
2 white blankets; 2 red blankets
4 towels; wash cloths
Paw boots
2 sets Bandana repellant bandanas
Fly off; Cloud nine + dispenser
Nail clippers; tick kit: tweezers + cotton + HPO (in frst aid kit)
Nylon bones (large); rawhide bones
Dog bags   
Hose (maybe) and double connection
AC hose and funnel
Red lights (4)
L&E Papers (in Office), Lost dog posters (in office)
Cloth Underpads 2 large; 2 small

Wheelchair + accessories
Stroller accessories and flat tire repair
Thermometer (on D)
Handicap pass (on visor)
Glasses: Distance; Reading (2); sunglasses
Magnifying glass
Duct tape, glue, ties
DEET etc., DEET candle, mosquito  nets (2)
Multi-tool, hunting knife, pen kmife
Screen + Velcro
Batteries D; AA; AAA, etc.
Lights: Tent; flashlights: black, yellow; headlights
Pipe, tobacco, lighters, cleaners
Mosquito nets


Dash tray

Dash Board

Console: flares; flashlight; battery jumper; Def Op manual;  chargers; SDB

Elsewhere Emergency contacts (under seat)
Woodall’s; Milepost; ANNR; KOA; AAA Maps

LIBRARY: Tesson; Books?
Clip board
Pens Bix
journal; notebooks
Check list; rules of road; contact list; papers; etc.
Lost dog posters
Planning Book for trip (contacts, PWs, etc.)
Dogs’ papers;
Extra car keys; house keys
Extra cash; checks
Extra credit card;
Cards: KOA; ANNR; national Parks ; Fed ID; Navy ID
Copies of driver’s license; insurance card; passport; etc.

Towels (4+2) + pillow cases; small towels (3) wash clothes (3)
Red blankets; white blankets

Sleeping bags (2)
2 mats + pillow
4 man tent:; floor; footprint/tarp; stakes; extra poles
Tent: North face + footprint; extra poles
Extra Stakes + rope
Green floors (2) (in Defender)
Red Emergency blankets (in Defender or linen bag)
Tarps (3)
2 Set(s) of 2 poles + rope/stakes
Nylon Rope (in Garage or Recovery Bag or Stuff Box)
Stake bag: stakes, rope, mallet, D clips                 

Winch + control cord; air compressor hose
Air pressure gauge (in dash tray)
Off road recovery rope, hitch; winch bag; tire iron; rope
Workshop manual + parts manual (CD; iPad; hard copy in GARAGE)
Electric cord + grey cord for battery charger
Battery jumper + light + charger+ instructions (in console)
2 spare tires (wrench for rack if there)
Shovel; pull pal; Hi-jack (+plate)
5 gallon spare water tank and spout
5 gallon Gas can and spout
Stool for top of recovery platform
Screen for radiator; wire mesh for headlights
Flares (in console); warning triangles
Fire extinguisher (in Console)
Strap bags (2): bungee cords, container straps
Trash can + platic bags
Dog’s insulated floor board

Extra parts; key/ignition, distributor, belts, hoses
Oil 5/30 synthetic (2); antifreeze; gurry/brake oil; window fluid
Oil filters
Workshop manual and parts manual
Flat tire repair kit
Rearview mirror repair kit

wrenches; pliers; screw drivers; mallet
JB weld (2 kinds); Extra fuses; lights; headlight
Bolt cutters; wire cutters; hack saw; hatchet

Lysol cleaner liquid
Lysol cloths
Shop (Paper towels)
Air spray
Green trash bags
Doggie wipes ; dog powder

DEET candle
Table cloth; napkins
Trash bags
2 green cups, brown  cup, wine glass
Utensils: Spoons, can opener
Coffee pot
Bowls; plates; COOKING POT
Stove fuel (6); matches/lighters (fireplace)
Pipe, tobacco, tamper
Soap; pot scrubber
Kitchen towels; hot mat; Shop towels

Everyday Food Bag (EFB) in kitchen  (red)
coffee, tea, lemon juice; banana chips, peanut butter, dog treats;
Extra food bag (XFB)

FOOD BOX Daily meal boxes)
Juice, Oatmeal (2),Raisins, Soymilk; fruit cup; coffee(silk)
Energy bars, Trail mix,,, PB crackers; coffee (silk)
V8 juice,(Soups/ fish., veggies, rice), Wine, Choc/Cook/Yorks

Green Cooler
Container for dog treats in car

Dogs’ food: Dry; treats

Extra fuel
Extra Food
Extra dog food

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