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Our Outward Bound Plans

Assuming an August 14th departure, here's the map of our planned outward bound route. The red X in Alaska is Denali National Park, where we have to be on September 12th.

The green line shows the planned route from DC into Canada, around the east side of Lake Superior to Calgary, up the Canadian Rockies through Banff and Jasper on to Kitawanga BC, and then up to Whitehorse (YK). From there we will leave the ALCAN (Alaska-Canada Highway) for a side-trip to Dawson Creek, maybe bypassing the (blue line) Dempster Highway side-trip to the Arctic at Inuvik, Northwest Territory, and then over the Fairbanks Alaska via the Top of the World Highway. In Fairbanks, if there is time, we will head up the (purple line) Dalton Highway to the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay, although we have been-there-done-that. From Fairbanks, we will drop down to Denali (red X) where we will spend five days camping at sure-to-be-cold Teklanika Camp and  driving the 91-mile dirt and gravel park road, weather permitting.

From Denali, we begin the long drive home. My plan now is to catch the ferry from Skagway AK to Prince Rupert BC, and then another ferry from Prince Rupert  to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.  After a few days at Vancouver Island, we will decide our inward-bound route when we get to Victoria. The  options are: across Canada to DC; diagonally across the US to DC; drop down the west coast to San Francisco and then diagonally home to DC.

Of course, all of this is depends on Erde's situation and anything else thrown in our way. I just hope it is not a hapless moose.

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Safe travels Ed. Enjoy the journey...

Kathleen Morgan Chieffe