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Our daily schedule on the road

After five road trips with my dogs, I finally realized that there is no reason to lug along a library of books to read.  The reason is that there is little time to read, as the below daily scedule shows.  If I am luck, I can get in 30 minutes of reading a day, unless I am staying at a camp for more than one day, which happens sometimes.  I also decided that I would not take along any e-books this time, mainly becasue they consume valuable iPad battery time, and I would rather page through a hard-cover book anyway.

0600            Reveille
0615            Walk the dogs
0635            Breakfast for dogs
0650            Breakfast for me
0720            Plan the day*
0730            @Service Defender*
0750            @Clean Defender*
0815            @Groom/wash dogs*
0835            @Leben’s therapy*
0845            Exercise/therapy for me*
0900            Strike Camp*
0930            Load Defender*
0945            Shower
1000            Move Out
                     Drive*; pit stop*, walk dogs*
                     Errands en route
                     Drive*; pit stop*; walk dogs*
1600            Arrive camp; check in
1630            Survey camp site*
1640            Walk dogs
1700            Set up camp*
1745            Supper for dogs
1750            Prepare fire
1800            Supper for me
1830            Clean up after supper
1845            Chores (laundry; repair, etc.)
1930            Plan Remaining trip
2000            Journal; blog
2030            read
2100            Taps; lights OUT

* Treat dogs   @Do evening before to move out by 0900

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