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About this blog

I keep this blog really for my own purposes.  It is a large paart of my journal for the trip so I can recall what took place before, during and after the trip.  This is why a lot of stuff appears here that is not normally found in a travelogue. I also keep a written journal (some of it in Russian so no one can read it but a Russian, and even they would have a hard time understanding what I wrote) in which I record thoughts others would have no interest (or reaon) in reading.  On the road, in the evening, as one of my last chores for the day, I make my entries for the journal and only then do I write the postings for my blog. Sometimes, I don't have time for either my journal or the blog, or I am just too tired to keep it.

If you have chosen to read this blog, do not expect to see any expert descriptions of the flora and fauna I encounter all the way.  I am no David Thoreau, and do not pretend to be.

Nor should you expect to read any insights I might have on the state of America like John Steinbeck had when he wrote his Travels with Charley. First of all, most of my trip will be through  Canada, althouhg Candadians would argue that Canada is part of America, North America. Second, for all the good America has, I am trying to escape certain  things American on this trip, mostly the pollution caused by our dysfunctional politicians just down Pennsylvania Avenue, on which I live. Third, I do not have time on this trip to chat with people about anything other than logistical things like where I can find a good campsite  up the road.

Finally, those who are expecting me to  wax poetic about my profound thoughts on this trip will be greatly disappointed. I am more concerned on these trips about the health of my dogs and not of the nation, about the destiny of my tent, and not the destiny of mankind.  I have no time to ponder the meaning of life, as I am struggling daily to ponder the meaning of the  poorly written instrctions for something I brought along.  If I spent anytime trying to answer the question,  Who I Am?, I would be justly faulted for having too much time on my hands.

So, this blog is about nothing more than a recoding of progress made on the road that day, problems encountered and solved, and whatever other trivial thoughts are bouncing around in my head, late at night, in a tent, when I am tired and anxious to get a good night's sleep before the routine of life on the road repeats itself again and again and again until the trip comes to an end.

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NOTE:  Whenever I am in a remote location with no one around or no cellular communications available, I send a satellite phone message to my blog posting the coordinates of that location.  The subject of those postings are "Via Inmarsat." To find out more about this click here.

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