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This trip, and the blog with it, is dedicated to all animals who are without a home or who suffer abuse at the hands of humankind. 

It is also dedicated to my friend Karen's beautiful pet rabbit Stephanie who died as I as preparing for this trip.  Stephanie was bought as a bunny by someone (probably as an Easter gift to some kid) and then when she grew too big was abandoned alongside a road to fend for herself, until Karen came along.  

This blog is also dedicated to the two stray dogs I passed on this trip on long, empty highways, The Cassiar Highway in BC and the Denali Highway in Alaska, and to the stray kitten i saw crossing the main street in Prince Rupert in the rain at 3 in the morning.  Here's hoping that they, Cassiar, Denali and Rupert were not lost but wanderers, like Erde, who know how to get home.

I also dedicate this blog to Nicholas, his companion Michelle, and Nicholas's wonderful dog Kyra for reasons explained on this blog.  Click here.

click here for photo of Kyra.

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