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May 23: On the Road maps (1-6)

Below is a crude map showing my six "on the road" trips with my dogs.

1- (Green) 2000, with Sonntag, 12,500 miles, 42 days: Dc to Prudhoe Bay Alaska and back.

2- (Khaki) 2001, with Leben and Erde, 14,500 miles, 50 days, from DC to Inuvik, Canada, then on to Prudhoe Bay, then down to San Francoscom and back.

3- (Red) 2002, with Leben and Erde, 10,000 miles, 60 days, from DC to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland to Labrador to Prince Edwards Island and back.

4- (Pink) 2011, with Leben and Erde, 8,000 miles, 38 days, from DC to New Brunswick, to Labrador, to Quebec, then on to Thunder Bay, Ontario, and home.

5- (Blue) 2012, with Leben and Erde, 4,000 miles, 27 days, from DC to Ontario, around Lake Superior and then home.

6- Planned (Yellow), with Leben and Erde, maybe 14,000+  miles, maybe 75 days, from DC to Prudoe Bay again, and then back home.

If #6 goes off as planned, these trips will have covered 63,000 miles over 292 years, camping every night.

If you are wondering why there are no lines to the north-east of the lines shown, it is because there are no or few roads in that area.