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There is a Solution for every problem ....leben's wheelchair on the road

For all my road trips, to ensure my own safety and the safety of my dogs, and to help make the trips more enjoyable, I always prepare a list of rules i must follow on the road. I get this list laminated and refer to it every to make sure i am following the rules. Always near the top of my list is rule that there is a Solution for every problem, as well as its corollary, Don't give up till the problem is solved, if it is worth solving, that is. This problem solving takes place long before the trips start, when it involves measures to take before we leave to avoid problems on the trip.

Ever since I got Leben's wheelchairs in November, I have transported them in the rear of he vehicle with one or the other of my dogs. Needless to say, this takes up space, valuable space, and causes problems in the process. In thinking about the problem yesterday as I stood at the rear of my defender, the solution to this problem jumped right at me. A picture of the solution is shown above (or below). Leben's wheelchair fits nicely on the ladder on the rear of my defender, secured by at least six bungee cords. This was a big problem, but now it is solved.