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Saturday, May 25....

I’m off in a few minutes to check out some new tents, as if I needed a 7th tent.  I actually take 2 tents with me on these road trips. Our main tent is a four person tent that provides some room for the three of us, allowing me to set up that new air mattress I got last year, which the dogs seem to enjoy at my expense.  I also take an emergency tent that I can set up quickly in foul weather or backpack into a campsite remotely located from where we park the Defender.  On all five of my prior road trips, the tent I used for this purposes was a Northface 2-person 4-season expedition tent.  It was a bit cozy inside the few times I used it with Leben and Erde in the past, and I imagine it would be even more so with Leben’s situation, so I decided to get a 3-person tent.  The two candidates are the NorthFace VE25 or the Eureka K2 XT

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