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Remaining ToDo list, July 23rd

My to do list is getting down to a manageable size. It is now a half page.

Today I put my health club membership on hold for an indefinite period starting August 1st and I ordered the satellite phone for delivery on July 29th, so that means I am optimistic about getting on the road next week.

The below photo shows a screen shot at 25% of my ToDo list.  The four pages in the top row show the items remaining (left page) and those completed, postponed till I get back or dropped. The different colors show items to buy (blue), things to do dealing with the Defender (green), things to do at my desk or on the computer (orange) and things to do generally (pink).

The page in the bottom row shows  my check out items I do before I walk out the door (top, shaded) and the bttom part shows the 17 or so different containers etc. I have to pack (white) starting three days before. So, when the remaining ToDo items are done, I have three days left, four, really, since once I am packed, instead of running out the door, I intend to rest up for one day and spend the day planning the first five days of the trip, making reservations at campsites along the route. 

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