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day 51, oct 4, as it is happening, 12:39

a rest break for the dogs, somewhere on 82 in Oregon. Cascades in background.

just decided to head to Boise instead of Spokane to try a route not taken before, heading to the Idaho border tonight, 300 miles away.

just noticed that all the bad roads broke my support frame for the exhaust pipe. did a temporary fix of wire to hold it in place. no big deal. these things happen.

beautiful day, sunny, few clouds, low 60s. tonight in the low 40's. at last, the weather suits me again. not time yet for those KOA cabins, where they exist, that is.

by the way, notice the Frosty Paws on the dogs's dining table. first time they had one since home. in fact, they got two each since i have no freezer to keep them. what more could a dog ask for?

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