If you have time to read only one posting, click the following link to read the entry for the last day of our journey.

Note: Post-Trip Reflections and Notes

Although this journey was originally supposed to be one trip, of necessity it took place over two, three, really. For this reason and so as not to bury the experience of the journey itself as recorded in this blog beneath a ton of random thoughts, I created a new blog for my post-trip reflections and notes which will cover all three trips.  You can access that new blog  by clicking here or from the top of the panel to the right, where you can also access all three trip blogs.  Please bear in mind that I am using this blog as a tool, so some (if not all) of the stuff on it may be of no interest to anyone or even appear mundane. And I may from time to time add a new posting here, if it warrants a place in this blog.

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