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Day 20, Tuesday, September 3, Boya Provincial Park BC to Squana Territorial Park in the Yukon, 5330 miles

This posting, like others this week, will go out late. No cellular for days. Same with the next two weeks.   Heck, there aren't even showers, so Internet is not a priority for me.  I need a shower more than I need Internet. The dogs, on the other hand, need Internet.

Got another late start on the road today.  It is difficult to break away from such unbelievable beauty.  Every time I think I have seen the best setting, the next one outdoes it.

In the interest of time, some random thoughts.

Our goal today was to make it as far beyond Whitehorse as we could toward Dawson City. But I recalled a park somewhere on the ALCAN I liked and was hoping to see if that was doable for a night. My recollection was that it as close to Whitehorse.

The road to the ALCAN (37) was quite a road. Like the ALCAN used to be.  Narrow road, small shoulders, sharp drop offs on both sides to support the elevate road.  Even going up straight, steep hills.  One does not want to drive this road at night, especially with animals getting in your way.

Gave up stopping to take photos and even taking them as I drive.  Way, way, way to many scenic views.  Besides, the photos do not do justice to the scenes.  Also, too dangerous to take them on the fly as the slightest diversion could mean a tragedy.  I have to keep in mind the focus of this trip is not to photograph, but to enjoy the drive, minimize the discomfort to Leben and Erde and to get to Fairbanks September 7th.

Tomorrow when we reach Whitehorse  we finish leg 3 with just one more to go to get to Alaska in just two days.

I almost lost some gear on the roof racket today.  And when you lose something, you don't drive back 100 miles to get it.  The ratchet gear strap got loose somehow.  Fortunately, as I drive, in addition to the road and control panel, I glac√© frequently to the gear on the roof rack through the sun roof and am constantly looking in the rear view mirror for this purpose.I  earned my lesson in 2000 when my clothes bag blew off somewhere along a 450 mile stretch on the ALCAN.

My Poplar Grove leg wound is healing, but still problematic.  I have been using hot compresses and ice packs on it when I can, thanks to the advice of Tracy and Claude, whom I met at Kinaskan.

Sure enough, at 5pm, with 70 miles still to go to Whitehorse, I came across Squana Territorial Park, and sure enough, the best campsite in the place was available, as we're about 17 of the other 29 sites.  I grabbed the site and went to check in just in time, as another camper, a biker, was looking at it but he saw my sign with my name on it that I had posted. Later, I have him a bottle of my favorite Merlot to welcome him to the camp.

This site I am on is absolutely fantastic.  I will pay the penalty tomorrow  for stopping before my goal with an extra 120 miles, but it will be worth it.  The site sites on a bluff overlooking the lake. The rain that threatened us as soon as we pulled in never came, and the evening and with it the sunset, turned out to be splendid.  Let's just hope the bears are not attracted to the place tonight as much as we are.

Erde preferred to come right into the tent tonight instead of tsking her guarding, I mean sleeping position outside the tent.  Leben, on thevotherbhand, always prefer to get into the tent at the earliest opportunity, but he has to wait for me to give the signal.  And getting him into this new tent is not an easy chore since even I have to crawl in.  Just imagine having to carry someone while you are crawling on all fours and you get the picture.  But he is treated at the end of the chore, so he bears with how I have to get him in and then move hime to his sleeping corner.  Erde just goes where there is room for her, and sometimes when there is not.

Lets see what tomorrow brings. So far, the weather has been absolutely splendid the whole trip, but I know the rain, snow and cold are not far. But we are prepared, I hope.

P.S. Erde is much better tonight, her same old self.  I knew something was wrong this morning when she turned down a treat.  That was the first in 12 years. Leben still has yet to refuse his first treat.


Below...Erde enjoying the swing at Boya.

The Defender alone on the ALCAN

Below ... Sunset at Squanga Territorial Park, Yukon

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