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day 43, 8:14pm Camp Quatse time

my friend Karen sent me this notice a few minutes ago. as soon as i read it, the heavy rain started. this may force a change of plans from what i just posted, either to stay put for a few more days or get the heck outta here fast. i'll decide in the morning. the winds coming down the inside passage were ferocious. of course, this canopy of lovely trees poses another problem for me, but if they have been standing for 100 years, why would they fall now?

Nice.  Really nice.  i was thinking the adventure ended at Denali 10 days ago, but in fact it only started then.

another friend hoped that i would have laughter on this trip. with weather like this,  i will hold back the laughing until i am back home.  one does not laugh at mother  nature i learned at boy scout camp.

of course, as always, things could be worse. At least  i have my Defender to retreat to.  think about my fellow campers Gigi, Adrian and Frankie.  By the way, i spent quality time thinking after i got
 Karen's  message about an arrangement the next time i am forced to sleep in the Defender.  what i came up with is this.  i will put my map container on the driver's sear floor, remove the sear bottom, and make a bed for Erde there.  she often lies there when i am out of the vehicle. i will then take over the back  of the vehicle. It will not be cozy, but it will be a heck of a lot better than sleeping in the driver's seat.

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