If you have time to read only one posting, click the following link to read the entry for the last day of our journey.

The trip so far, Day21, Whitehorse (Yukon Territory) , 5600 miles, not including the 8000 from part 1.

I am sending this from Whitehorse in the Yukon.  As of  right now, we have finished leg 3 of the outward bound trip and have one more to go before we reach Fairbanks, Alaska, the end of leg 4.  At Whitehorse, after i send this, I will decide whether to head up to Dawson City and then over to Alaska via the Top of the World Highway or head up the ALCAN (i.e. Alaskan Highway, even though most of it is in Canada).  We will take that past of the ALCAN on our return trip so it would be good to have some variation, although it will cost us an extra day or two, which means we will have to rush through Dawson City, pun intended.i

Below is the map of the trip so far as we reach Whitehorse in the Yukon. (Actually, the black line should be farther north, at Whitehorse. Sorry.)   The black line is part 2, the trip we are on now.  I have added part 1, shown in green, without including the emergency trips back home or the duplication.  

Below that map is a map showing Leben and Erde's earlier cross continental journey.

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