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August 16, Day2. Mongaup NY State Park to Canada

What a joy it is to be on the road again, especially at night when all the day's chores are finished and i am alone in the tent with only the dogs and my thoughts. It did not take long this year to leave behind the stress of preparing for this trip an DC in general. In fact, there was no shakedown at all for this trip, where usually it took 3-5 days. I am also shocked hat i feel so invigorated. Perhaps it is because it is easier to manage Leben on the road.

We made it to Mongaup Camp exactly at 7pm, precisely what I thought it would take. No violent storms this year got in our way. We did 402 miles yesterday, with another 325 ahead of us today. For the next week, I hope to replicate our trip last year, as if for good luck.

I have no doubt but that the dogs have taken to this trip, especially Erde, who seems to want to take one side trips, on her own. I have decided that I need to keep her 100 percent under control. As soon as I take my eyes off her, she's off somewhere, mostly looking or discarded for scraps from previous campers. The two of them cannot get enough of all he new smells as we take our walk around the camp.

As I was leaving the camp today, before I stopped off at the trail head to my old Boy Scout camp, Beech Mountain, the staff at the gate sowed me a little dog who had been dumped at he camp. The cruelty of people is everywhere. I'll post a photo of the little girl under the Dedication posting, and add her to the deduction, hoping she finds a better home than she obviously had.

For the first time on any of my trips, despite my formidable planning, I forget the stakes to my big tent and my watch, both for explainable reasons. But now I have to hunt down a hardware store for the stakes. The watch is not critical as I never wear one at home, the reason I forgot it.

We're off for Canada. I do not look forward to the 2-hour interrogation i will get at the border, as other agents search my vehicle only to check out how it is rigged.

Ed from the Robin Hood Diner in Livingston Manor, NY.

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