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Day 4, August 18, Saturday, PM, Champlain Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

I am discovering I have little time to eat, let alone write my blog.  But I will do so, outline fashion at least, perhaps retroactively, without any profound thoughts because there are no such profound thoughts to report. My days are spent working 3-5 hours in the morning in the camp, driving 8 hours a day, and working 3 hours in the evening.  I have read 5 pages in the 12 books I brought along.

We left Brent camp in Algonquin Park after a busy morning,  i.e., Leben's bath, stroll, etc. the camp is down a rough 25 mile dirt and gravel road, so we took our time driving it more to avoid getting the inside of the Defender dirty than anything else.

Our trip today was short, 75 miles, to Champlain Lake Provincial Park.  Got a fantastic site when the one we had last year was taken.  The break in driving was welcome by all of us. I think I will try to do this every few days.

Weather so far has been magnificent.  I hope our luck holds, but. A sure soon the rains, and then e cold, will come.


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